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Statement of the Provisional Commission of the (new) Italian Communist Party (10th/2009)

5th May 2009

 The Provisional Commission opened its Delegation in Paris.

An initiative to strengthen contacts and relationships in the international communist movement.


The entry into the terminal phase of the second general crisis of capitalism has increased the need and urgency to strengthen the international relations of the (new) Italian Communist Party.

The communist movement is an international movement. A few days ago we celebrated the May Day, the international day of struggle of workers around the world. Since its beginnings in 1848, the slogan that characterized the communist movement has been "Workers of the world, let’s unite!". With the entry into the imperialist stage of capitalism, the slogan that characterized the communist movement became "Workers and oppressed peoples around the world, let’s unite!". The communist movement is by its nature internationalist. It represents in the present the future humanity that is making itself.

The economic, political, cultural, social and environmental crisis featuring the national situation in which our Party works is a global crisis. To understand and to address it, we must start from the world. The rebirth of the communist movement is an international process, as it was the crisis of growth it has gone through in last decades.

International relations are therefore an essential aspect of the consolidation and strengthening of the new Italian Communist Party. We need to weave links with communists, revolutionary and progressives parties, groups and movements, all over the world, firstly with those of the imperialist countries. We need to do it because the limit the communist movement must overcome to ensure its final victory in the world is the establishment of socialism in the imperialist countries. The key issue today in the communist movement is the strategy for establishing socialism in the imperialist countries, in order to achieve the task that the organized and conscious communist movement was unable to perform during the first wave of proletarian revolution and against which the first wave of proletarian revolution broke.

The universal strategy of proletarian revolution is the Protracted Revolutionary People’s War. This is the teaching that the new Italian Communist Party got from the world experience of the first wave of proletarian revolution, in particular from the experience of revolutions failed in the imperialist countries. We propose to make this lesson patrimony of the communist parties of the imperialist countries, so that each communist party could translate this universal strategy in the particular situation of its own country. This is the main objective we give to our internationalist work at this stage. With this aim, the Delegation of the Provisional Commission starts again its activities, after a pause of about 18 months. The CP gave the comrade Marco Proietti the role of spokesman of the Delegation.

We wish he could carry out a good work, and we invite communists, revolutionaries and progressives parties, groups and individuals of every country to establish relations with the Delegation.


Long live proletarian internationalism!

We wish great success to the second wave of the proletarian revolution that advances all over the world!

Long live Marxism- Leninism-Maoism!

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